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Yaesu FTdx101 : Quelle souris sans fil acheter ?

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Yaesu FTdx101 : Quelle souris sans fil acheter ? Empty Yaesu FTdx101 : Quelle souris sans fil acheter ?

Message  F5PBG 16/9/2019, 19:35

Toutes les souris sans fil ne fonctionnent pas avec le FTdx101. Alors voici quelques retours d'expérience :
PA0LUX - 13/06/2019 a écrit:Both mouses are from Logitech. The type number on both is : M235.
But one has the addition: 2nd Gen. That one is a current type. That one does NOT work.
You should find a mouse without the "2nd Gen" in the type number.
N4EPD - 13/06/2019 a écrit:There is an article somewhere from Yaesu that states the Logitech model M310t is the recommended wireless mouse.
K7FD - 13/06/2019 a écrit:M570 does not work.
K3OX - 20/06/2019 a écrit:I just bought a new in packaging M310 logitech Flame Red mouse off of Amazon for about $15 with free next day Amazon plus shipping that works fine. Looked like they had more...
K4ATE - 15/09/2019 a écrit:I also ordered a M187 from Amazon and find that it does NOT work with my 101D.  Switching back to my wired M100 which works fine......
KO4OO - 15/09/2019 a écrit:My Logitech m187 works fine in my ftdx101mp. I had to change batteries the batteries that came with it we're dead..  Jr
W0VX - 15/09/2019 a écrit:Here is what I have found after a few months a messing with the wireless mouse issue.  

I had the same problem with the Logitech M187 I recently bought.  It is a very nice small mouse that would have been a perfect size for the 101.  But it doesn’t work with my FTdx101D.  It does work OK on my laptop so all was not lost.  My red M187 is marked P/N 810-006115 and M/N: M-R0072 on the bottom.

I did find that the Logitech M310 my XYL has on her laptop works with the 101.  I also have a Logitech M325C that works on the 101 and I now use that on the radio.  The “C” letter on the M325C is important because the M325 (no “C”) has the Logitech “Unifying Receiver” and that one does not work.

So, the M187 worked for N0IGU but not for a couple of us.  Could there be differences in the USB interface on different 101’s or are the differences in the various M187’s?

N6DVR - 16/09/2019 a écrit:I use the M310. Worked from day one for me.
N7GYL - 16/09/2019 a écrit:The Logitech M310 is the one that works with the 101D,  this was verified by the Yaesu tech months ago. That is the one I use.
W6NEK - 16/09/2019 a écrit:I also use the Logitech M310 and it works fine with my 101D. I think what may make the difference is the M310 uses the USB NANO Receiver instead of the USB UNIFYING Receiver used on other Logitech models.
W7WM - 16/09/2019 a écrit:M305 also works
fatboy11566 at aol.com a écrit:Anyone have trouble getting mouse to work? Using recommended Logitech M325 and nothing. Thought maybe the mouse was defective, but it works on my laptop and PC. Is there a switch in the menu that I am missing? Manual useless.
Thanks guys
Fxxxxx avec FTdx101 de Janvier 2023 a écrit:Les souris NON COMPATIBLES  ici  :  M185 et M210
Tu peux rajouter la Logitech M175  compatible

En résumé, a priori :

Souris qui fonctionnent :
Logitech M100
Logitech M175
Logitech M235 1ere génération
Logitech M305
Logitech M310

Souris qui ne fonctionnent pas :
Logitech M185
Logitech M187 chez plusieurs radioamateurs
Logitech M210
Logitech M235 2eme génération
Logitech M325

A bientôt,
Ludovic - http://inforadio.free.fr

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