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Yeasu FTdx101 ou FTdx5000 : Quel décamétrique radioamateur acheter..?

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Yeasu FTdx101 ou FTdx5000 : Quel décamétrique radioamateur acheter..? Empty Yeasu FTdx101 ou FTdx5000 : Quel décamétrique radioamateur acheter..?

Message  F5PBG 22/8/2019, 00:30

Tous les retours d'expérience en la matière sont en faveur du FTdx101 a priori.
Je vous placerai ci-dessous les avis peut-être subjectifs de possesseurs des deux décamétriques.

Personnellement, vis à vis des différentes caractéristiques, je pencherais en faveur du FTdx101 mais
à condition de l'équiper des filtres optionnels CW et SSB. Il est dommage de perdre les fonctionnalités :
. eSSB (BP 4 kHz en émission)
. Trafic CW QSK totalement silencieux au niveau du relais émission-réception
  (sur le FTdx5000, à l'instar du FT2000/FT2000D, la commutation est réalisée par diode de puissance)
W0VX a écrit:I have owned the FTdx101D for about 6 weeks now and it is a superb radio.
It works seamlessly with my Quadra amplifier.  I like the radio so well that
I sold my FTdx5000 that I have been using for the past 8+ years.

Comparing the 2 radios is difficult since they are similar in some ways but very
different in others.  The Dynamic Noise Reduction (DNR) is implemented differently
but much is much more effective on the 101, especially on SSB.  The ability to listen
to 2 different bands at once on the 101 is a big plus when watching for openings
on 6 or 10 meters while operating on 20.

The ergonomics of the 101 are excellent.  Controls for main and sub are grouped together
and clearly marked in white and blue lettering.  The "MULTI" knob can be set to control one
of 11 radio functions, including RF Power, or one of 5 screen functions.  The menu system
is greatly improved over the 5000 with a touch screen and grouped menu items with
understandable names.  The ability to save the menu and memory settings to an SD card
and reload them later if/when you mess something up is a big plus.

Firmware updates on the 101 are a breeze compared to the 5000.  You download the firmware
from Yaesu, copy it to the SD card, and select Firmware Update from the radio SD card menu.
That’s it.  No hidden program switch to change or combination of buttons to hold when turning
the radio on like the 5000.  It only takes a total of a couple of minutes to do.

On CW the transmitted waveform is very clean in QSK and semi-break-in.  On SSB I am getting
unsolicited reports of excellent audio.  Adjusting the new AMC control correctly was a bit confusing
at first but following the instructions gives good results.

Using the radio on FT8/FT4 is not a problem as some have suggested.  But, it requires a minor
adjustment in thinking.  In the Data Mode the VFO and on screen filter display show the frequency
in the middle of the 3 KHz passband, not the SSB  suppressed carrier frequency.  Setting the VFO
dial 1.5 KHz higher than the traditional FT8/FT4 frequency results in the 3KHz passband being in
the right place and everything working as expected.

The spectrum display is real time.  It shows what is happening on the band as it happens.  I like
it much better than the soft smoothed display found on many radios.  There are multiple choices
for what is displayed including one that shows the band spectrum plus an oscilloscope and an AF FFT.

Getting familiar with some of the new and changed features has been both fun and frustrating.  It
is necessary to actually read the manual to get the most out of the radio and understand the function
and flexibility of the menu settings and front panel controls.

Overall the FTdx101D is a keeper.  It is easier to use and a better performer than the FTdx5000. 
It's the best radio I have used in my 57 years as an active ham.

73, Dave

A bientôt,
Ludovic - http://inforadio.free.fr

Date d'inscription : 08/06/2008


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