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Comparaison Yeasu FT991 vs ICOM IC7600

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Comparaison Yeasu FT991 vs ICOM IC7600 Empty Comparaison Yeasu FT991 vs ICOM IC7600

Message  F5PBG 22/3/2015, 12:37

Voici une comparaison intéressante :

I purchased the FT-991 to use in my winter QTH where I have a rather small desk.  If I had more room I would probably have my 7600 here because of all the other features it comes with.

However, having said that here is what I like about the FT-991 in comparison:

Receive Audio: The receive audio is the best I have heard from all the radios I have owned when using only the internal speaker. The 991 receiver is also quieter and less fatiguing when listening for extended periods. The 7600 requires a quality external speaker to achieve a more pleasing sound.

Selectivity:  Last night on 40M there were two strong signals within 2Khz of each other.  I was able to listen to the one station that I was working by making simple adjustments to the Notch and Shi ft settings  I could likely have accomplished the same with the 7600 but I was pretty impressed with the results on the 991.

Sensitivity:  I have no way to compare that to the 7600.

Transmit Audio:  I get excellent audio reports with the FT-991 using the standard hand mic and factory settings. The hand mic on the 7600 is fine but I get much better reports using a Heil PR-781.  I also tweaked the EQ settings to get the best results.  I expect using a PR-781 and/or adjusting the EQ on the 991 would make it even better as well.

I am very happy with the FT-991 and enjoy using it.  Quite a nice rig for the size and price.

Jack W9JH

Impressions de W9JH :

  • Réception supérieure :
    Rien d'étonnant à cela, le DSP du FT991 est plus récent et le roofing filter du FT991 est au moins équivalent à celui de l' IC7600.
  • Emission intéressante : Le FT991 bénéficie sans doute du traitement audio des derniers Yeasu qui ne reproduit pas le "grain numérique" que nous pouvons entendre dans les émissions d'un IC7600 notamment.

A bientôt,
Ludovic - http://inforadio.free.fr

Date d'inscription : 08/06/2008


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