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Yeasu FTdx101 : Pannes rencontrées

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Yeasu FTdx101 : Pannes rencontrées Empty Re: Yeasu FTdx101 : Pannes rencontrées

Message  F5PBG le 5/5/2020, 21:09

Ce listing qui sera tenu à jour est à titre de retour d'expérience.
Il faut évidemment se méfier de l'effet loupe que peu procurer ce genre de listing.
Le Yaesu FTdx101 est à mon avis un des meilleurs postes décamétriques du marché.
J'attendrais personnellement un peu de temps avant l'achat d'équipements récemment mis sur le marché.

Aout 2019 - L' ALC reste à zéro
W7IBB a écrit: I purchased the FTDX-101D in early June and got one with a serial number indicating it needed the ALC overshoot problem corrected at the YAESU office. I don't use an amplifier, so didn't send it to YAESU for the upgrade. I did install the firmware update a month ago and it seemed to work OK. I have never had enough RF output on SSB no matter where I set the microphone gain. Since the power meter on the transceiver only measures average RF output, I purchased an MFJ-870 SWR/Power meter which will measure peak RF output as well as average RF output. I could get a full 100 watts out on CW, but never did see 100 watts peak on SSB. It would usually hit maybe 70 watts on peaks. A couple of weeks ago the RF output went to zero and I could get no ALC regardless of where I set the microphone gain. I did a menu reset and it started working. I didn't do a full reset as suggested above. Not sure what that would have done, but the menu reset worked and I had ALC again, but it seemed to be difficult to get it up to the max level on the ALC meter. Last Friday the ALC went to zero and would not rise above zero no matter where i set the microphone gain and the AMC knob didn't change anything. I did another menu reset and still to ALC. With no ALC, there is no RF output. I still had 100 watts output on CW, so my finals are OK.

I called YAESU and talked to Tim, the FTDX-101 repair expert at the Cypress California YAESU office and described the problem to him. He suggested that I send the transceiver to them for warranty repair. They will also do the ALC overshoot repair while they have the rig. He said it would take about fifteen working days for them to do the repair.

I packed it up in the box it was shipped to me in and took the prepaid shipping label emailed to me by FedEX to the local FedEx store. I tried to pay for insurance as I understand that YAESU does not insure these shipments. I found that FedEX does not insure shipments. The shipper has to declare the value when they authorize shipment and that I'd have to go back to YAESU to get them to increase the valuation of the shipment. Not sure how that related to insuring that the shipment arrives undamaged. I didn't want to delay shipment and so sent it without the additional valuation.

I really have enjoyed this transceiver, even with the reduced RF output. I'm already missing it. My old TS-440 Kenwood still works, but is like a Model T compared to the YAESU FTDX 101D. Wish I'd tried to do a Full Reset as suggested above in this forum. Looks like others have had problems with ALC on this transceiver. If there is an ALC problem in addition to the overshoot problem, sure hope YAESU finds it and fixes it. It's nice that they pay shipping, but surprised it takes so long to turn things around.

Any others see this problem with ALC going to zero?

Thanks, Vee

Sortie Écran extérieur ne fonctionne plus
G0NGE - Août 2019 a écrit:iv not heard anything yet about my 101D radio. l sent it away on the 15th of August it is now the 28th of August, if I heard it right from my ham shop engineer
Yaesu Japan are looking at a chip on the video out board, within the radio, the thing is really we don't know how many are having the monitor problems because
not everybody is reporting this on this forum
I know I'm going to get 300 reports back saying there's no problem with mine, but Hayhoe, I know There's self and another ham operator having the same problem
at the same ham radio shop M.L. Maybe I should 've waited another six months until all the bug fixes have been sorted, good job I've got another radio in my shack
N5YY - Août 2020 a écrit:I had the same problem. Video out worked for a while, then quit. It also had another problem, but that is another story.
The radio went to Calif. then Japan. Came back to me working fine. For about a week ! Yep! No video out again.

Changed cables and monitors and still no video out. Was told to send it back to Calif. again. A friend had a monitor and cable,
and insisted we try them before reshipping to Calif. Tried them and it worked. Cable is different. This working one has pins only
at each side, with none in the middle. The non working cables were full of all pins. Best Buy had a similar good cable so all is well now.
G0KFM - Avril 2020 a écrit:Just to record another instance of this problem. Set was bought in U.K. in June 2019. I am about to try an alternative lead and if not successful will return it to seller under warranty. As others have experienced, the external monitor output worked fine for a period of time and then simply failed. According to Yaesu, there appears to be a problem with a zero Ohm resistor failing in the monitor output circuit. Seems to me they didn’t soak-test the 101D long enough before putting it on the market.

There is some information on the group regarding this issue. It is not very clear what is actually causing the problem, but I believe Yaesu are replacing the blown resistor with an uprated one. My monitor is a Dell 20inch. I tried another monitor and there was still no signal from the radio. I don’t know if the monitor is at fault or if the design of the DVI output circuit in the 101D is at fault.
Yeasu are aware of this issue.

A bientôt,
Ludovic - http://inforadio.free.fr

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