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MMTTY - version 1.66F, Mise-à-jour logiciel de RTTY

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MMTTY - version 1.66F, Mise-à-jour logiciel de RTTY Empty MMTTY - version 1.66F, Mise-à-jour logiciel de RTTY

Message  F5PBG 4/10/2008, 19:13

Le logiciel de RTTY MMTTY version 1.66f est sorti : Cliquer ici

" MMTTY version 1.66F release note 2008-08-17

1. Changes to the "MMTTY Setup" window

A. "TX" tab

- renamed the "PTT" panel to "PTT & FSK" (tnx to Joe W4TV)
- added com8 through com16 to the "PTT & FSK" panel's "Port" selector
- clicking a button in the "Input Button" panel from a non-Japanese
locale displays a window entitled "Edit Button" (tnx to Joe W

B. "Misc" tab

- the new "Device Identifiers" panel enables independent selection of
soundcard devices for reception ("RX") and transmission ("TX"); any of
16 input and output soundcard devices can be selected (tnx to Gil W0MN
and Joe W4TV)
- selecting an "RX" or "TX" device identifier in the
"Device Identifiers" panel updates the respective "Reception" or
"Transmission" panels shown on the new "Soundcard" tab

C. "Soundcard" tab (new)

- the "Reception" panel shows all installed soundcard input devices;
selecting an input device updates the "RX" selector in the "Misc" tab's
"Device Identifiers" panel
- the "Transmission" panel shows all
installed soundcard output devices; selecting an output device updates
the "TX" selector in the "Misc" tab's "Device Identifiers" panel

2. Changes to the "Radio Command" window

- added com8 through com16 to the "Port" selector
- added 38400 and 57600 to the "Baud" selector (tnx to Joe W4TV)
- named the selector in the lower-left corner "Group"
- modified the contents of the "Group" selector:

*** renamed the previous "Yaesu HF? (FT-1000MP,...)" entry to "Yaesu FT 1000D, 1000MP, 920"
*** renamed the previous "Yaesu VU? (FT-736,FT-847)" entry to "Yaesu FT 736, 817, 847, 857, 897"
*** added a "Yaesu FT 9000, 2000, 950, 450" entry (tnx to Joe W4TV and Art W2NRA)
*** renamed the previous "Kenwood" entry to "Kenwood, Elecraft" (tnx to Joe W4TV)

- renamed the "Commands" panel's "VFO Polling" selector to "Model", and
added entries for the Yaesu FT 9000, 2000, 950, and 450 (tnx to Joe

3. Other notes

A. As
before, changes made to settings shown in the "Radio Command" and
"MMTTY Setup" windows do not take effect until the window is closed by
clicking its "OK" button.

B. To run MMTTY on Vista, either

- install it in a folder other than one in the "c:\program files" hierarchy
- log into the account named Administrator before installing or running MMTTY

C. 1.66F is a software-only upgrade, meaning that you must already have
MMTTY installed. Updated online documentation is in progress; I will
develop an installer for use with PCs that don't yet have MMTTY
installed. If you want to install 1.66F on a PC that doesn't yet have
MMTTY installed, first install version 1.65D, and then upgrade as
described below.

D. To upgrade an existing MMTTY installation to 1.66F, download the
zip archive from http://www.dxlabsuite.com/MMTTY/mmtty166F.zip

The archive mmtty166F.zip contains two files:

mmtty.exe and 1.66F.txt

Place mmtty.exe in your MMTTY folder, replacing the existing file, and then run it.

The file 1.66F contains a copy of this release note."

Infos from Dave, AA6YQ

A bientôt,
Ludovic - http://inforadio.free.fr

Date d'inscription : 08/06/2008


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