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FTdx5000 Yaesu : Mise à jour du 20 juin 2016

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FTdx5000 Yaesu : Mise à jour du 20 juin 2016 Empty FTdx5000 Yaesu : Mise à jour du 20 juin 2016

Message  F5PBG 27/6/2016, 09:29

Bonne nouvelle pour les possesseurs du Yaesu FTdx5000 vu que cette mise à jour concerne
la mise à jour logiciel du programme du DSP (amélioration des performances en réception) :

I installed this a few hours ago. Since then I've been tuning around the CW bands with FD in full swing.
I can't make the DNR + CONTOUR distortion I used to hear on strong stations.
A great rig keeps getting better!
Nice work Yaesu!
Brian n8wrl
I successfully updated the firmware.
In my case, I only had the EDSP to update.
I first had a communication error.
In this case, it is not needed to reset the transceiver.
The solution is to go into the menu of the rig and set the speed to 4800 bps.
There is a small error in the firmwares information notice.
After a reset, the speed is reset to 4800 bps not to 9600 bps.

So, if you are like me where only the EDSP should be updated, set the CAT Speed to 4800 bps in the transceiver rig and then follow the procedure to update the EDSP.
So, no need to reset the rig, and no loss of your menu settings and memories.
After the update is done and checked, you only need to set the CAT SPEED back to your value.

73, Nicolas F4FXH
I updated my EDSP yesterday and yes, the update sure has taken out all the distortion on strong signals when using DNR and or Contour.
73, Pete, N4KW
I installed it.
Seems to have fixed a problem that I reported about audio "chop" on very strong CW signals when using very short release times on fast AGC.
Having said that, I can imagine no reason not to install a factory-released firmware upgrade.
73, de Hans, KØHB


A bientôt,
Ludovic - http://inforadio.free.fr

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