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Message  F5PBG 7/7/2019, 11:13

Blocage de la face avant : Ecran et touches inopérantes
hp71 at upcmail.nl - Juin 2019 a écrit:Today i made a qso here, no problem.
After 10 minutes i came back in the shack and want to make another qso, but i saw my buttons won't work anymore
Except only the MAIN AF en SUB AF en i can make TX, but all knops/buttons nothing works anymore.
I thought, ohh maybe the "speech/Lock" is in..no...i did the following things to try to make it work again,

ALL RESET (PBT/V/M) power on...
CS-9700 new file...no success
Read the manual about "locking stuff" ...
Maybe someone has a tip, before i go back to the shop were i bought the 9700.

Extinction brutale : Sensible aux surtensions comme l' IC7300 ..? Penser à protéger la sortie de vos alimentations avec ce type de protection (cliquer ici)
WB4OMG - 6 juillet 2019 a écrit:
I pressed the PTT switch. The radio turned itself off. It won't turn back on. No, it is not the fuse or power supply. Any ideas, before I send it back to Icom?


A bientôt,
Ludovic - http://inforadio.free.fr

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