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TS590 Kenwood : Le DSP laisserait à désirer en CW (Morse)

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TS590 Kenwood : Le DSP laisserait à désirer en CW (Morse) Empty TS590 Kenwood : Le DSP laisserait à désirer en CW (Morse)

Message  F5PBG 22/12/2018, 15:01

Quelle surprise de constater que certains radioamateurs préconisent
un filtre audio externe derrière un Kenwood TS590...

Ce bruit audible en CW l'est sans doute en phonie également je suppose

mais avec le bruit de bande les utilisateurs ne s'en rendent sans doute pas compte...

Clairement, dans mon cas, ce serait rédhibitoire et je n'achèterais pas un poste décamétrique
radioamateur dont le DSP mérite d'être filtré ensuite, ce qui est à mon avis un comble...

Il ne s'agit évidemment que de mon avis personnel.

Extrait d'une conversation d'une liste de diffusion sur le Kenwood TS590 :
K4LXY a écrit:OK - I should have been more specific. Yes, the DSP in the 590 is wonderful and has great potential. Yes, to use this filter you need to be OK with a 700 Hz sidetone.  And although I haven't tried steel diaphragm earphones, I've played around with tuned speakers.

Probably because of my hearing loss at higher frequencies, background noise bothers me more than it used to.  At its narrower settings, this filter eliminates much of it, making for more comfortable cw copy in many situations.  It's obviously not for everyone, though it may be helpful for others who have a similar condition.
73 Howard
W1DYJ a écrit:Actually, the 590 puts out a lot of high frequency hiss which is very tiring to my ears;  the audio amp should be lot less noisy.  As I listen at 600 HZ. this box doesn't fill the bill.  (Yes -- I could move to 700 Hz.)  But the concept of an outboard filter is a good one to clean up bad audio designs, DSP is good, but not everything.

73 -- Larry -- W1DYJ

-----Original Message----- From: Ludovic Ludo
Sent: Thursday, December 20, 2018 8:16
To: TS-590@groups.io
Subject: Re: [TS-590] External CW filter


sorry but you can do the same thing with the DSP of the DSP 590, even
better :
LO/WIDTH control : CW bandwith between 50 to 2500 Hz (default 500 Hz)
CW RX Pitch between 300 and 1000 Hz (default 800 Hz in menu 34)

So no need of this box in any case.

Best regards,
Ludovic - F5PBG.
Mike a écrit:I can confirm that the DSP implementation in the 590 leaves something to be desired. I have a 590sg and own/have owned other radios in its price class at the same time.  The 590 has a good receiver, but the DSP is last of the bunch of the big 3 manufacturers in my opinion. Mike
F5PBG a écrit:So if you need a box behind the DSP of the DSP590, the dsp is worthless !

Very fine information, i will give it to my CW friends in order to not buy this tranceiver.
The TS590 has not a good receiver for me :
For me 1st IF passband at 4.4 kHz @ -60dB is too large like i wrote on

Thank's for this information.

Best regards,
K4LXY a écrit:I use the DSP NR at all times and find it very helpful, but often use the external audio filter to further reduce the noise level and DSP artifacts. As a response to my post above, a number of folks have emailed me privately that they also use an external filter. The filters they mentioned using include the Hi-Per-Mite by Four State QRP Club, the NESCAF by the QRP Club of New England, and the W3NQN passive audio filter. I've used the first two with a number of rigs but have not tried the W3NQN filter.
73 Howard

A bientôt,
Ludovic - http://inforadio.free.fr

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