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Vidéo Radar transhorizon russe 29b6

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Vidéo Radar transhorizon russe 29b6 Empty Vidéo Radar transhorizon russe 29b6

Message  F4HLQ 9/6/2016, 08:54

Juste pour admirer les 2 ou trois pylones...

(Russian29Б6 «Контейнер») is the new generation of Russian over-the-horizon radar,
providing long distance airspace monitoring and ballistic missile detection.
The first radar, near Kovylkino, 
MordoviaRussia, became operational in December 2013.[1][3][4]
Another Container radar is under construction in far east of Russia. Construction planned to be finished in 2018.

Radar is capable to monitor airspace up to 100 km altitude and has range of 3000 km.
Radar was developed by NPK NIIDAR, which is also a developer of Voronezh-DM radar.
Chief designer was Valentin Strelkin.[1] The price of the system was 10 billion rubles.[6]

Radar system consists of two separate antennas: transmitter and receiver. Receiver antenna array contains 144 antenna masts,
each 34 m height. Array has three sections : The inner section is 900 m width with 7 m spacing between masts, and two outer
sections are each 200 m width with 14 m spacing between masts. Total array width is 1300 m.[1]
Transmitter antenna array has 36 varying configuration masts and is 440 m width.[7]

Radar signals were detected by some amateur radio operators in 9.2-19.745 MHz frequency band.
Pulse repetition rate is 50 pulse per second, bandwidth about 14 kHz, frequency modulation on pulse (FMOP)
is used.[2][8] The received signal has a sound similar to the nicknamed Russian woodpecker, a Soviet early
warning system radar Duga-3 operated from 1976 to 1989.

source: wikipedia


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