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FTdx10 Yaesu : Pannes / Défauts rencontrés

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FTdx10 Yaesu : Pannes / Défauts rencontrés Empty FTdx10 Yaesu : Pannes / Défauts rencontrés

Message  F5PBG 28/8/2021, 00:59

Sensibilité à la HF environnante parfois (Je n'ai entendu aucun radioamateur français se plaindre de ce problème) :
VK2RT - Avril 2021 a écrit:FYI, I have found my FTdx10 very susceptible to RF. All good with no aux cables plugged in the back.
Plug in the CAT USB cable only, after some PTT operations the TX LED is flashing, have to turn off
the radio and back on to be able to transmit. Now plug in the Tuner cable only, same effect.
Now plug in the ext monitor cable only, same effect. Now plug in the external speaker only, same effect.
I have the FT-991A and the FTdx3000, both have no problem with all cables plugged in the back.
No susceptibility to RF.
Anyone else see this problem?
KT4LS - Avril 2021 a écrit:I have the same experience. My FTDX-3000 was installed a few months after it was released. I had severe RF issues.
After a lot of research and trial and error, I was able to resolve the issue and operated for several years with no problems
until I installed the FTDX-10. I have a very small shack in the basement at the end of a utility room with no space for two
radios so I had to remove the FTDX-3000 in order to install the FTDX-10. I also used a different tuner because I did not
have a cable for the tuner that I was using with 3000, but the tuner that I installed was successfully used with the 3000
so I don’t think that is the issue.
When I installed the FTDX-10, all ground leads were connected exactly the same as they were on the 3000.
Everything is grounded – power supply, radio, tuner, and PC. All cables have ferrite beads and/or ferrite cores installed.
I had some minor RF problems that I easily resolved in a couple of days. Participation in a couple of state QSO parties
on SSB went smoothly. A few days later, after making no changes, I had terrible problems. The tuner would go crazy,
and the radio would shut down on 40m and 80m if I used more than 70 watts on SSB. After more reading and some
manipulation of the grounding, I can now transmit at full power on 40m and 80m. I am not convinced that the problem
is completely eliminated, but it is much better. The sensitivity to RF does appear to be a problem at least it is for me.

A bientôt,
Ludovic - http://inforadio.free.fr

Date d'inscription : 08/06/2008


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