Yaesu FT450 : Pannes rencontrées ( Fail )

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Yaesu FT450 : Pannes rencontrées ( Fail )

Message  F5PBG le Jeu 2 Nov - 12:57

La panne la plus courante est l'affichage " FAIL " sur la face avant sans possibilité
de pouvoir utiliser l'émetteur-récepteur. Il s'agit a priori d'une panne de la carte
de gestion du FT450.

FT450D, brand new last thursday, momma made me put it under the tree till last night, got it all set up in the shack, powered up fine, using Astron power supply, Hy-Gain EXP-14 Beam, made a couple good contacts on 20, shut it down using the off button. When I turned on the power supply this morning it started clicking inside like a blinker on a car but faster, no lights or display at all, looking thru the bottom I see a red and green? LED going on and off with the sound its making, tried the reset, checked all wires, fuses, voltages etc... No Joy??????? Same power supply will run my 857D, my 400, and a Kenwood 440 no problem....  Any ideas before I return it tomorrow?????
Thanks - Bill K9WEN
I bought an FT-450 not the "D" and it has "FAIL" on the screen, I looked on youtube and found a video in a different language that says pin 30 has bad solder. However I don't know where to find pin 30? Also I opened it up and tried to re seat the ribbon cables just to see if something was loose and when I powered it back up I seen a spark! Near the back top (cover was off) around the relays. Now the radio will not even power up or make any sound attempting to power up. It's up for sale on e-bay and kijiji as a parts radio but if someone can help me to know what to fix I might keep it.
Looking forward to any good advice.
73 - Sam VA3ACJ
This is the 1st Yaesu Radio of many over the years I have owned.
Strange problem occurred today while turning on my FT-450at. I came up with "FAIL" in the lower right hand corner.
I have been doing hunts on the net to no avail, has anyone else had this issue?
I have tried the Factory reset buttons again to no avail as suggested in the books that come with the radio.
Best regards - Steve (EI2GYB)

A bientôt,
Ludovic - http://inforadio.free.fr

Date d'inscription : 08/06/2008


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