ICOM IC7300 : Mise à jour 1.14 - Il est urgent d'attendre...

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ICOM IC7300 : Mise à jour 1.14 - Il est urgent d'attendre...

Message  F5PBG le Mar 11 Oct - 9:21


de nombreuses personnes rencontrent des dysfonctionnements avec la version 1.14 du firmware de l'ICOM IC7300 (OVF plus "sensible" entre autre). Il faut donc mieux attendre une future mise à jour. Par principe, il est toujours préférable d'attendre quelques temps avant d'appliquer une mise à jour afin d'éviter de jouer au (gros) beta testeur...
I have updated mine to 1.14. Update went fine, no real new features, just a few nips and tucks as outlined in the firmware guide
John jkramer
I noticed that the OVF is now much more sensitive, now flickering on all the time in the BC/MW band. Is this supposed to be correct? Went back to 1.13 and was back to  normal.
k kyahoo@freeuk.com
I just uploaded v1.14 to my IC-7300.  In full-break-in CW mode, the amp key line is still opening before the RF cycle completes.  The result is hot-switching my PIN diode amps which causes extreme key clicks.  This is not an issue solved in the 7300’s TX DELAY menu.   Icom must still stretch the key line pulse by 3-4 ms in QSK mode. 
Paul, W9AC
Yes I am back on 1.13 too.
I am using a Wellbrook loop on receive so not like a massive longwire. The OVF flashing was the first thing I noticed on MW. It was not present before with 1.12 or 1.13 at my location.
I tuned in the MW band after upgrading to V1.14.With the MW attenuator ON, the OVF indicator did not light with Preamp OFF or !. With Preamp 2, it flickered occasionally.
With the MW attenuator OFF, the OVF indicator lit up steadily on MW even with Preamp OFF. (Of course one should never use the preamp on MW.)
Next, I downgraded to V1.13. The OVF behaviour was pretty well the same, but I thought the OVF indicator was a little less sensitive.
I have re-installed V1.14, and will evaluate it for a while.
73, Adam VA7OJ/AB4OJ
We should be pleased that Icom do these updates, but it would be great if they gave a bit more detail about what they have done. As mentioned my OVF now flickers all the time on MW whereas the previous firmware does not do this. Something has been tweaked intentionally or otherwise.  I would like to have some more info on why this is now occurring just out interest.
k kyahoo@freeuk.com
Just updated to 1.14 and I have the OVF flickering issue when any preamp is turned on.   So on the upper bands where I run the preamp on occasion I’ve got the flickering issue.
Wondering how much testing they do.  I presume that variations in the hardware may be why some rigs have no issue and others do.  Will have to consider downgrading if the flickering gets too annoying.

A bientôt,
Ludovic - http://inforadio.free.fr

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