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Message  F5PBG le Mer 2 Mai - 9:14

. Panne en émission (Cliquer ici)
. Panne Indicateur Led Vox / Proc / RIT (Plusieurs cas)

Octobre 2015
. Dysfonctionnement du bouton MULTI/CH control (Cliquer ici) (Plusieurs cas)

Mars 2017
. Absence de démarrage de l'émetteur-récepteur :
Update on Not-starting...
Master Reset did not fix the problem.
Removing both USB and LAN cables did not fix the problem.
Reload FW - will not allow a reload of the current FW. Will not allow a roll-back to an earlier release.
Work around:
Leave the radio in the factory default "Instant On" mode. Although I rather have my radio OFF when I turn it OFF but if Kenwood has the partial OFF as default I guess I don't have a problem with that.
I will be poking around a bit more as I think of alternatives. But it is such a time sync to have to wait so long before the radio will come on.
A phone call to Kenwood is probably in order now too.
I have a lot of hours on this radio since March 2013.
73, Bob - W6OPO

Avril 2018 - Code erreur ERR-005C / Abnormal Transmit Signal Detection
I worked many years with my TS-990 without any problems.
Last week I got several times Error 005C → .
The error goes away when shut down the radio and turn it on again.
But after few qso’s the error keeps comming up.

The manual says to do a full factory reset, witch I done.
At first sight it seems that did the trick but some hours later the error pops up again.
I did not do any software updates lately.
Harry - PA1H
I had the problem for several months , finally sent it to Kenwood uk.
It took them some time to find the fault .this is their report-System eventually verified.
Then failed permanently. Replaced Q7 (a2) & Q7 (b2) Pair on Final unit.
Before it finally failed they were shorting.
Unfortunately expensive repair, have had the rig back a month used every day no sign of the fault.
Regards, Morris G3TRV
I replaced the potentiometer with the control of the driver's quiescent current and the power stage,
and then adjusted the quiescent current of both stages according to the manual service.
Greg - SP8NTH
I have / had the same problem on 30m and then after some time 20m. I can live without 30m but not 20m so I took the covers of the 990 and the PA board is right on top.
I manipulated the two pots but that made no difference.

I then tapped on the relays gently, with the handle of the cross head screw driver used to undo the cover. Powered back up and lo and behold all good. The 990 has been operating perfectly for the past 3 weeks since then.

Whilst the covers were off I also noted the details printed on the relays. Purchased 6 of them from RS components. Delivered to my door for about $22 au dollars ready to put in when / if the error occurs again.


A bientôt,
Ludovic - http://inforadio.free.fr

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